welcome to our shop! :)


upcycling clothing one piece at a time

every item is unique!

due to us thrifting all of our fabric and reworking that material, there is only one of each item so they may sell fast!

how it works

commonly asked questions

where do you shop?

we buy our clothes from a variety of different places, ranging from small local thrift stores, to goodwill, & even online

how often do you post new items?

we try our best to post every night @ 9 pm central, & we are starting to do more drops!

what is available

on our intsagram, all items under the hashtag #funkyyavailable are still up for purchase

hi!! just thought i'd let you know i got the shirt :-) i love it and it is so cute in person!! thank you for running such a lovely thrifting page! <3


hi! i just received the sweatshirt!! thank you so much, the packaging is adorable


i really appreciate you always mailing things on time thanks so much!